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Last Updated:Sunday 10 February 2013, 14:49

Aunt Olas Cookies and Cakes


Our Story

The Original Pound Cake was created by my Aunt Ola as a family affair. She would surround her kids in the kitchen as she carefully placed each of her ingredients on the countertop, explaining the purpose for each item. As she began to cream the butter and sugar together until they were light and fluffy, she would have the kids pass each of the remaining items as she requested them. As the batter became thicker and thicker, once the fresh eggs and flour were added, my aunt would allow the kids to take turns assisting. Back during her time, there were no cake mixers available; everything had to be mixed all by hand. As they whipped and creamed for what seemed like hours in a hot kitchen with no air conditioning, which was typical living conditions in the South; no one complained because they knew if they did, they wouldn’t get a chance to lick the bowl, and licking the bowl was the best part.

Following my aunt’s legacy, paying her honor and tribute, inspired by her love for what she did for my family, and her exquisite skills in baking, Aunt Ola’s Cookies & Cakes was established in April 2005. Her tried and true recipe has been passed down through generations of our strong ancestral history. When I was handed this precious secret recipe, I relished in baking my aunt’s recipe with pride. It brought back many happy memories of my Aunt Ola that compelled me to keep the original southern pound cake a family tradition. I have created my special gourmet cookie recipes to match the level of expertise that my aunt had already created.

The company’s logo is a picture of my aunt, with my hair which represents the two of us together.

So many people told me that our products taste like family which is how we came up with our tagline, “We Taste Like Family”. Our products, which are made with patience, kindness and love, represent the part of our family that comes from my heart and Aunt Ola's soul.



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